You really want it, don’t you?

You follow the life of your favorite YouTube stars, see the kind of fun they’re having, and you want to follow their lead.

You know that vlogging is a big industry now, with fame and riches just waiting to be made.

Of course, you’ve got the talent! You practice your lines in front of the mirror and your reflection shows promise of a future star.

But somehow, someway, you aren’t able to take the first step that would catapult to you to the YouTube glory.

So what is it that’s holding you back?

Is it the fear of failure? Or you simply don’t know how to get started? For all I know, you just need a decent camera and a whole lot of confidence to kickstart your vlogging career.

I’m not sure I can help you grow your confidence, but I certainly can recommend the best camera for YouTube based on your budget.

So, keep on reading!

In this guide, you’re going to learn about:


  • The best 8 cameras for youtube that you can use to vlog
  • Why you should consider vlogging as a career option
  • The top vloggers on Youtube, how much are they earn, and what camera they use
  • And a whole bunch of other stuff!

Why vlog on YouTube?

For the past few years, vlogging has seen an immense gain in popularity, and this rise of vlogging has been significantly boosted by YouTube. Thanks to its wide range of free services and the prospect of earning money by making creative content, vlogging on YouTube has become a multi-million dollar industry.

Thousands of aspiring vloggers on YouTube upload videos every day that caters to a huge audience, comparable to the size of the audience enjoyed by the traditional television shows.

So if you’re an aspiring vlogger and looking to make it big in this multi-million dollar industry, the first thing you are going to need is to get yourself the right equipment. The most important of all is a good YouTube camera.

Vlogging, unlike other traditional forms of videography, has certain special requirements that need to be met because an ordinary camera just isn’t going to cut it. So keeping in mind those special needs, I’ve have compiled a list of the Best Camera for YouTube that is going to give you an edge when it comes to vlogging.

Good cameras for YouTube are available at all price points that will suit most people’s budgets. So without further due, let’s take a look at the best camera for youtube videos.

The Best Camera for YouTube

Canon EOS 70D

The Canon 70D is one of the most popular cameras used by Vloggers all over YouTube. There are a few key features in this model which make the 70D a Good youtube camera. The Canon 70D offers you excellent video quality and one of the best DSLR autofocus systems available in the market.

This camera comes packed with features that can give many of its older siblings a run for their money. The 70D gives you the ability to capture Full HD 1080p clips at 30, 25 or 24 fps and also gives you the choice of an All-Intra mode which encodes at 75 Mbits per second. This goes a long way in avoiding compression artefacts and thus is a great choice for serious vloggers.

The Canon 70D captures images at 20.2 megapixels and comes with APS-C CMOS Sensor that has a unique design. The autofocus of this camera is by far the best thing about it.

The 70D features phase-detect autofocus which allows the lens to jump straight into focus instead of shuttling back and forth to get a sharp picture. This allows for much faster AF performance in case of general shooting which is great for vloggers.

This camera by Canon also features a 3-inch 1040k dot vari-angle LCD touchscreen, which is very sensitive and allows for quick change of the autofocus points in live view mode. The 70D also comes with a built in WiFi and even a remote control app for iPhone or Android devices.

The WiFi allows you to upload your videos directly to YouTube in the .MOV format. It is almost like Canon specifically designed this camera for Vloggers. A common concern that vloggers often have regarding their cameras is its battery life, a feature where this camera shines. It can click over 920 pictures before needing a charge which is much above the average for DSLRs.

Perhaps one of the only downsides to this camera is its inability to record at 60fps at 1080p resolution. This is where other DSLRs have an edge the over 70D. No slow motion recording at 60fps at 1080p resolutions can be a bit of a bummer for certain types of vloggers that constantly require those types of shots.

But other than that, the 70D is an amazing camera and certainly one of the best camera for youtube.

Camera Highlights

1080p @ 30fps Max Recording Quality

ISO 100-25600 APS-C Sensor

Wi-Fi, Touchscreen, Flip screen enabled

20.2 Megapixel

Canon Powershot G7X

If you’re a serious vlogger and give utmost importance to shooting high-quality videos, then the Canon Powershot G7X is the right choice for you. The G7X is priced a bit steep as compared to other compact cameras in the market, but it certainly is one of the best camera for YouTube.

The G7X is quite popular among vloggers as the features provided by this camera are quite suitable for professional vloggers. The first and foremost feature that makes it so popular among vloggers is its capability to record Full HD 1080p videos at 60fps.

Not only that, the G7X can also capture 20.2-megapixel pictures which is quite a lot for point and shoot cameras. Professional photographers often use the G7X as a replacement to their DSLRs when they go on trips and do not wish to carry around bulky equipment.

The Powershot G7X is perfect for those vloggers who prefer a compact camera that they can slip into their pockets but at the same time, not compromise in terms of video quality. The sensor provided for the G7X is a 1.0-type back-illuminated 20.2 megapixel CMOS Sensor which is incredibly sharp and sensitive.

This camera also performs incredibly well in low light conditions which is a big plus for vloggers. A fast aperture, large zoom and built in flash make the G7X even more attractive to vloggers. The G7X is almost like a portable DSLR that comes at a price half that of most mid-range DSLRs in the market.

The touchscreen provided on this device allows for quickly setting focus points while you record videos. Combined with the flip screen, this becomes the perfect camera for vloggers who have to record themselves a lot. The autofocus on this device is very smooth and allows you focus on any object with a simple touch to the screen.

Coming to the downsides of the Powershot G7X, there are two main points to note. First off, this camera lacks an external microphone port which can be a bummer for some vloggers since now you’d have to carry a portable recorder. Secondly, the battery life of the G7X is not exactly up to the mark compared to other best camera for YouTube.

It can record only around 75 minutes of video until its battery runs out, which isn’t exactly very good as compared to other cameras in the same range.


Camera Highlights

1080p @ 60fps Max Recording Quality

2 Megapixel

ISO 25-12800

WiFi, Touchscreen, Flipscreen

Focal Length 24-100mm

8-f2.8 Max Lens aperture

Canon 5D Mark III

Launched way back in 2012, the Canon 5D Mark 3 was one of the most popular DSLR cameras among professional photographers. Years after its launch, the 5D Mark III remains one of the best cameras in the market and is in fact increasing in popularity among vloggers.

If you’re a serious vlogger and wish to invest a decent amount of money to buy good camera for youtube, then look no further. The 5D Mark III is the best you can get.

What makes the 5D Mark III so great is the fact that it is a full-frame camera which has a full sized sensor. This translates to great quality images which capture more light and a wider area. This camera has set benchmarks in the field of photography as far as high-end DSLRs are concerned.

A precise and fast focus, sharp pictures that capture amazing colors, and an incredible dynamic range are what sets the Mark III apart from the others. Moreover, the Mark III performs better than most, if not all, DSLRs in the market as far as low light photography is concerned. The Mark III allows you to capture 30fps videos at full HD 1080p resolutions and images at an astonishing 22MP.

The only drawback of the Mark III is the fact that it lacks a few basic features, such as WiFi since it’s an old camera. But apart from that, everything about the Camera is perfect.

Camera Highlights

22 Megapixel Full Frame CMOS

100-25600 ISO (Standard) and 50-102-800 expanded

6 fps continuous shooting

Shutter rater to 150000 frames

Go Pro Hero 5

When you think of action cameras, Go Pro is probably the first name that comes to your mind. If you are an aspiring vlogger and the subject matter of your videos involves a lot of action packed moments such as biking and sports, then the Go Pro Hero 5 is the perfect choice for you.

The Hero 5 is probably the best camera for youtube videos, packing in a ton of efficient features into a small little device that is relatively cheaper than most DSLRs in the market. The reason behind the increasing popularity of the Go Pro Hero 5 as a vlogging camera is the sheer versatility that the device provides.

Not only do Go Pros capture great quality videos but they are also far better than the traditional DSLRs and point & shoot cameras when it comes to recording sound. This is a huge plus point for vloggers as they would no longer need to carry extra equipment for recording audio.

Coming to the feature of this camera, its ability to record 4K videos at 30 fps is the one that stands out the most. The Hero 5, being an action camera, is waterproof up to 10m without a case and has a built in GPS.

The camera itself is very small and can fit easily in your palms. The Hero 5 is probably the best youtube camera for those vloggers who would like to film without drawing a whole lot of attention thanks to its portability. Apart from that, all Go Pro cameras are very sturdy and durable.

This camera also features a 2.0-inch touchscreen and can capture still images at 12 megapixels.  So, if cheap cameras for YouTube are what you’re looking for and wish to get maximum value for your money, then the Hero 5 is the way to go.

There are a few downsides to the Hero 5 though-the most prominent one being its mediocre battery life. This camera also lacks image stabilization, which is a bit disappointing. The absence of a flip screen is yet another drawback that is hard to ignore. Apart from these, the Hero 5 is definitely one of the best camera for youtube at its price range.

Camera Highlights

4K @ 30fps maximum resolution

Dual Microphones

Waterproof up to 10m

12 Megapixel Still Images

Canon Vixia HF R72

A list of the best video camera for youtube is incomplete without mentioning some great camcorders. The Canon Vixia HF R72 is one of the best youtube camera that you can find in that market at the moment.

The Vixia HF R72 is absolutely perfect for Youtube vloggers as it comes with just the right features for you shoot top quality videos with while ditching the unnecessary features.

Firstly, the HF72 records at Full HD 1080p resolution at 60fps which is what most vloggers look for in a camera. Considering its price, which is quite low, the quality of the videos are surprisingly good especially when it comes to low light performance. The HF72 can compete with a lot of top end camcorders in terms of video quality.

The battery life of this model is also commendable and best most of its competitors in its price range. It also comes with a built-in 32GB internal storage and has both WiFi and NFC. The 32x Optical Zoom with SuperRange optical range stabilization is yet another plus point for this model.

Considering its price tag, this definitely is one of the cheapest cameras for youtube and is perfect for those who are fairly new to vlogging.

Camera Highlights

1080p Videos @ 60fps

32GB Built-in storage

32x Optical Zoom

WiFi and NFC enabled

Panasonic HC V-10 Digital

If you’re an amateur in the field of vlogging and looking to start off your vlogging career with a good yet cheap camera, then this is your model right here. This model right here is the best video camera for youtube that you will get at such a low price. The Panasonic HC V-10 Digital is especially great for long range shots of videos and pictures thanks to its insane 63x optical lens along with 7x enhanced optical zoom.

The V-10 Digital records videos at a resolution of 1280×720 at 60 frames per second with pretty decent quality and image stability. This camera utilizes the Power Optical Image Stabilization (O.I.S) for a steady and stable capture. The Intelligent Auto mode featured in this camera automatically matches scene modes such as sunsets, forests, portraits, etc.

The V-10 Digital also comes fitted with a 2.7 inch LCD screen, but there is no optical or an electronic viewfinder. There is no relay recording in this camera, and it records directly into its SDHX memory card slot. The body of this camera weighs fairly light at only 0.47 pounds, and its design is fairly conventional.

Overall, it is a decent entry level camera for starters.

Camera Highlights

  • 63x Optical Zoom Lens
  • 720p Videos @ 60fps
  • 7inch LCD Display

Canon EOS Rebel T6 Digital SLR Camera

This is for all those vloggers looking for the best camera for youtube without burning a hole in your pocket. The Canon EOS Rebel T6 DSLR camera is perfectly suited for vlogging, especially if you’re going to be recording using a tripod and not recording much on-the-go.

It is targeted mostly towards those who are looking to upgrade from their Smartphone cameras and get their hands on a decent DSLR camera. The T6 can make your youtube channel appear quite professional thanks to its ability to record high quality 1080p Full HD videos at 30fps. On top of the great quality videos, vlogging is also made easier thanks to the flip screen, and touch screen featured in it.

The Rebel T6 now also features WiFi and NFC, which is a welcome upgrade to its previous models. This new model is also significantly lighter than its previous ones and shoots still images at 18 megapixels. The 9 point autofocus system and the 3 fps burst shooting give more utility to the T6 than a lot of its competitors in the market.

The most prominent downside to the T6 as a vlogging camera is the fact that it is very bulky and large. Moreover, the inability to capture at 60fps and a below average battery life might be a deal breaker for many.

Camera Highlights

1080p Videos @ 30Fps

18megapixel APS-C CMOS Sensor

ISO 100-6400 expandable to 12800

Fixed 3inch 920k-dot LCD

Canon PowerShot SX710 HS – WiFi Enabled (Black)

The Powershot SX710 HS is surely one of the best youtube camera for beginners that you can get your hands on. If you’re on a tight budget and looking to get yourself a decent vlogging camera with all necessary features for vlogging, then this is the perfect choice for you.

While the SX710 lags behind in terms of capture quality when compared to the other cameras in the list, it surely does perform admirably considering its price. Perfect for rookies who just started off with vlogging or for those considering an upgrade from the traditional smartphone camera.

The SX710 can capture videos at Full HD resolutions at 60fps and offers more than 20megapixels when capturing still images.

The 30X Zoom offered by the SX710 is quite impressive and very useful for vloggers looking to shoot long range shots. This camera also has inbuilt WiFi and NFC and the ability to capture images with applied digital filters.

Given how compact the SX710 HS is, combined with all the great features it provides, it definitely makes it one of the best camera for youtube at its price range. The only downside to this model is the absence a touchscreen and the inability to record raw formats.

Camera Highlights

Full HD 1080p Videos @ 60fps

3 Megapixels

30x Optical Zoom

Built-in WiFi and NFC

3 inch LCD display

This concludes our list of the best youtube camera that you can buy if you’re looking forward to vlogging. A good quality camera can go a long way in making your channel appear professional and original. So before you invest on a camera for youtube, make sure you know your requirements and choose accordingly.

10 Vlogging Tips Every Vlogger Needs to Know

Vlogging on YouTube has seen an immense rise in popularity over the past couple of years. Almost every major YouTube star nowadays have a second channel that is dedicated entirely to Vlogging.

They vlog their daily lives, their interactions with other people, the various events they go to, their jobs and almost every other thing they deem to carry some amount of entertainment value to it.

And the fact that people love these vlogs is reflected by the crazy amount of views and likes that these videos get. People can now actually make a career out of Vlogging – a scenario which we could never have imagined even five years ago.

YouTube channels dedicated to Vlogging are popping up every single day with hundreds of aspiring vloggers trying out their luck in this art.

If you are one of them, then you’re in luck. This article will shed some light on a few key points that every Vlogger must know before they start their journey.

These tips will go a long way towards getting you settled as a vlogger and making you successful in the long run. So without further dues, let’s move on to the real deal.

1. Find Your Passion

A very critical error that beginners tend to make is selecting a niche that they believe will get them a ton of views. You should never choose a niche just because you think it will get you views. You should find something that you’re really passionate about and create vlogs based off of that.

Of course it has to be something that will attract viewers, but at the same time, you should be passionate about it as well. Faking enthusiasm in your vlogs will hinder your progress in the long run because eventually people will see through it and it will only be a downward slide from there.

It will also be a tough task for you to remain focused on Vlogging if you’re creating content you’re not interested in.  So it is very important for you to find your passion.

2. Understand Your Audience


A crucial part of becoming a successful vlogger is to understand what your audience expects out of you. You need to develop a sense of understanding regarding the likes and dislikes of your target audience. YouTube provides some great analytics that can help you a lot in determining some basic facts about the people that watch your videos.

Once you understand the people who watch your videos, you can then easily manipulate your content to better suit their likes.

3. Be consistent with your uploads

If you take a look at the YouTube channels of any popular vlogger out there, you will notice that they are extremely consistent when it comes to uploading videos. Consistency is key when it comes to Vlogging.

Not uploading content regularly to your channel will only stagnate it and hinder its growth. Be consistent with the timing of uploads and the quality of your videos, so your viewers know what to expect.

Upload videos on regular intervals, such as one vlog every Monday or one every day at a set time,so your viewers develop some expectations.

4. Add a regular theme to your vlogs

This can be anything unique that you implement in your vlogs. Most vloggers have a unique theme or a segment in their videos that they are known for. This helps to build a closer connection with the viewers and grant you more recognition in the field.

A unique way to start or end a video or any activity that you regularly do in your videos can help you to build your brand.

5. Follow and Participate Popular Trends

The internet is constantly coming up with new trends, such as new challenges, memes, and games. Staying up to date with these trends and creating content based on them can immensely help you to increase the popularity of your channel.

There are numerous examples of small channels that went viral by making videos based on popular trends. Every new trend that takes over the internet is an opportunity for you to make it big, never miss out on those.

6. Upgrade your equipment

Upgrading your hardware is essential for improving the quality of your videos. Investing in better equipment and on your YouTube channel is a must for any beginner that hopes to make it big in this industry.

Videos that are of great quality are more likely to attract more viewers. You should constantly be focused on improving the quality of your videos in every little way that you can. So buy yourself a better Vlogging camera and try out a better editing software as they have the power to make a huge difference in the quality of your videos.

Click here to see our other camera suggestions.

7. Make the first few seconds count

As the attention span of us humans get shorter with every passing year, it becomes harder and harder for YouTubers to attract viewers to their videos and make them stay. People get bored pretty quick these days, and so it becomes increasingly important for you to make an impact in their minds in the first few seconds of your video.

You can have absolutely great content in your video but if the start is boring, there is a high chance of your viewers just skipping the video and moving to the next one. Give your viewers a glimpse of something fun that occurs later in the video or tell them something interesting at the start of the video. This will get them curious and make them watch the full video.

8. Develop great speaking skills

A vlogger needs to be constantly talking to the viewers throughout the video. It is thus very crucial for a vlogger to have good speaking skills alongside a friendly tone and a good sense of humor.

Try to appear very enthusiastic in your vlogs and have an exciting personality.

9. Collaborate with other YouTubers

This is a great way for you to widen your subscriber base and cross promote each other’s channels. Collaborating with another Youtuber that has a similar niche gives your channel more exposure. Be realistic in your expectations though.

Don’t expect a vlogger with a million subscribers to collaborate with a beginner.

10. Create catchy thumbnails and titles

Once the video goes live, there are only two thingsthat can make people click on your videos – the thumbnail and the title. These two things can make a huge difference with respect to the number of views your video gets.

So always try to create thumbnails and titles that attract people’s attention. But be careful though, YouTube has many set guidelines regarding thumbnails and titles. Creating misleading titles can get your channel banned so make sure you carefully read YouTube’s guidelines before starting off your channel.

These tips and tricks can go a long way in giving your channel a head start. Hopefully, we’ve been of good help to you, and we wish you the best in your journey to become a successful vlogger.


Jesse is a former vlogger and a social media enthusiast, who is now spending doing social work, away from home. He loves cats, and writes on subjects to inspire aspiring vloggers.
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