Video blogging or vlogging has become a great sensation today. For a vlogger, it’s highly essential to record the trips as detailed as possible but you cannot carry around the whole set up.

That’s the reason you need precisely the right products- products that shall be of less weight and shall provide with good quality results.

Since you have read so far, it can be assumed that you are pretty serious about vlogging and thus, here’s a little help to portray your talent and passion in a better way to the world.


1. What sort of camera would you need?


The first and foremost thing required for vlogging is a perfect camera. Among so many options, it might be a little tricky to find out which one will be right for you. Consider the weight, image stabilization and the flip screen of a camera before settling for it. Flip screen is not a must, but it will help you a lot.

A cheap compact camera will be more than enough for you to record 1080p but as we know, more you invest, better you get. So, try to invest in a better quality camera. It may cost you a little more than usual, but the quality, as well as the resources along with it, shall help you on a great term.

If you are wondering what shall be the best option for you, here’s a suggestion- go for either compact or mirrorless cameras if you are planning to carry it around; because they are light and can compete with a DSLR when it comes to quality. Both the kinds are apt for vlogging but just make sure it has the $500 mark on it.

If you are thinking about camcorders, it’s also a pretty good idea but their sensor is small, and you would need excellent lighting to capture correctly with camcorders. Now, that’s a problem because you won’t get perfect light all the while you are traveling. On the other hand, DSLRs are excellent for their quality, but the extreme weight will be tiring for you. And yet, if you cannot compromise the quality and you absolutely require something like a DSLR, mirrorless camera is what you need.

If you cannot decide even now, here’s a little more information for you. This might help you to finally settle the thought whether you want a compact or a mirrorless camera.


Mirrorless camera:


The most important factor of a mirrorless camera- it has a large sensor. And thus, can capture good quality videos even in poor lighting. Few of them consist of a Micro Four Thirds sensor while most of them have APS-C, especially SONY. This sensor is the one used in DSLRs, which clearly speaks about the quality.

The next best thing about a mirrorless camera- interchangeable lens. In other words, you can change them, improvise them and make them better over the years. These lenses will never go to waste as you can even use them with other cameras.

Nothing or no one can be that perfect, right? It isn’t. The disadvantage of having a mirrorless camera is they aren’t small in size, and the price is very high. The list is not over! Maintaining such a camera is surprisingly expensive since the beginning. Nevertheless, if you are okay with these factors, go ahead and purchase it.


Compact camera:


Compact cameras come with excellent lenses, and thus, you do not need to worry about it from the start. Of course, they will be a little expensive. There are cheap ones too, with a less expensive lens. Although it is quite versatile and the picture quality is usually pretty good, the problem is you cannot change the lens even if you want to.

Another good point is the size. These cameras are very easy to carry around in pockets. And as we know, portability is a big deal for vloggers. The size is small due to a small sensor, which means the light is a significant issue; you cannot capture good videos at night. Although most of them prefer a compact camera, if you are more into the quality, mirrorless is what you need.

Compact or mirrorless, both are pretty great. But nowadays, vloggers prefer a GoPro over either of these.


What is a GoPro?


A GoPro is an action camera. It is comfortably small, portable and provides with good quality videos. It shall allow you to capture underwater footage and sports activities from various angles. Thus, it is meant for adventurous and fast moments. So, if you are willing to record long videos of your journey and you want them to be completely natural, you do not wish to go for a GoPro camera. However, overall, it’s a pretty good one.


2. You cannot possibly forget to carry a tripod


A tripod is a must or how would you set up your camera? It is a big deal to get the right one. The safest bet among thousands of options is a GorillaPod. It is called so because it can be changed into various forms and it can be used as a camera’s stick as well as a tripod. With a GorillaPod, it’s easiest to set up on any surface irrespective of how the surface might be.

GorillaPods are of various sizes and which one you should get depends on the size of your camera. There’s one problem though- if you carry a DSLR or a mirrorless camera and a suitable GorillaPod along with it, your luggage might get way too heavy for you to travel comfortably. That’s why here’s another option for you- Manfrotto.

Manfrotto is a versatile as well as light tripod which can work both as a camera stick and a tabletop tripod. However, if you want to take impossible shots in any setup, go for a GorillaPod. Ultimately it’s your call which shall be the best for you.


3. What about the lighting?


If the lighting is not perfect, then everything can go wrong! You wouldn’t need entirely bright light; you need just the one effective enough and shall avoid shadows. Although you can always look for the light in your room or the natural one around, it’s quite risky for a traveler because you might spend a night in the tent and honestly, in that situation, you wouldn’t get perfect lighting. So, you should consider carrying a light kit, which shall supply you with resources to come up with a smooth and pleasing light effect.

However, you could also put up a large but soft light yourself and position it correctly so that it creates just the appropriate setting for vlogging. Apart from that, here’s another suggestion- use a green screen if possible so that the monochrome background makes the lighting even, resulting in a great effect. Just make sure you maintain a proper distance between yourself and the screen to minimize the reflection.


4. You would need a good microphone definitely


A microphone is very important for vlogging because if videos cannot be adequately heard, rest of the effort shall go in vain. We are very much aware that the built-in microphones in cameras are not so good and thus, an external microphone is required if you consider vlogging on a serious level. Now, there are various kinds of microphones available, but there are a few options you should definitely check out.

Shotgun Microphone: This microphone is probably one of the best options so far. It’s highly sensitive, so you need to place it correctly towards you and do not worry, it usually avoids the surrounding noises. It’s best if you keep the microphone close to your mouth. You can connect it to the camera and access both at once but if your camera is placed somewhat at a distance from you, carry along the microphone with yourself, and that’ll do the job.

Lavalier Microphone: This microphone demands a more complicated setup but shall provide you with high mobility as it is wireless. For obtaining great audio, you need to position the microphone closer to the speaker and try not to clip it on your shirt because that might look “cool” but it won’t come up with the best result.

USB Microphone: If you do not want to carry around the microphone and come back to the resting spot, sit with your laptop and record the voice, then this is the one for you. It’s simple, effective and perfect for videos. But with this, you will need software to record. The best part about this microphone is it will let you edit, manipulate as well as improvise the audio before finalizing.

Portable Audio Recorder: This option is most suitable if you are planning to work with professional microphones. It shall let you avoid the poor quality pre-amps usually found in most of the cameras and DSLRs so that you can record perfectly. Portable recorders also happen to consist of built-in microphones which can provide you with excellent results if placed with careful consideration. And then all you need is to sync the audio with your video with the help of software.

5. Do not leave behind your windshield


If you forget to carry a windshield, may God bless you! Being a traveler, you would face many situations where windy scenarios will be troublesome for you to record videos. Beaches, mountains or for that matter, any open field will be windy enough to hamper your vlogging. A microphone windshield shall allow you to record audios without any disturbance. The kind of windshield you might need depends on what type of microphone you are planning to use.

But whatsoever, you will find all kinds online, and you can purchase from there accordingly. If you are using the camera’s built-in microphone, all you need is a windscreen to protect that. Now, where to place the windshield? Look for tiny holes that aren’t used for input and put it on them. However, it’s better if you don’t take the risk of using a camera’s microphone and get an external one for safety.

After such immense efforts, you would need one more thing to manage these videos properly- editing software. So, just get the camera (whichever is the best for you), a tripod, a light kit, an external microphone (if you want) and last but not the least, a windshield. That’s pretty much it! You are all set for vlogging and ready to start the journey.

Good Luck!


Jesse is a former vlogger and a social media enthusiast, who is now spending doing social work, away from home. He loves cats, and writes on subjects to inspire aspiring vloggers.
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